What is the meaning of color code in HARD DRIVE – BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, RED, PURPLE, GOLD ?

What is the meaning of color code in HARD DRIVE – BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, RED, PURPLE, GOLD ?

Basically, HDDs use for storing data, but there are different types of need of storing data in a HDD.

To make it convenient for a different purpose, COLOR code has been used in HDD.

Before you purchase your new HDD, read the below article which will guide you to that which COLOR HDD is best for your work purpose.

WD HDD Color Differences – Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple, and Golden

Green HDD: 

Specially designed for secondary storage, data will safe for longer days. HDD. Its produce lower heat, more quiet, more eco-friendly. Energy-friendly HDD, it comes with large capacity storage. 

hard disk color code

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Blue HDD: 

Suitable for home usage, balanced Read and Write speed of this HDD. High performance and low-cost advantages, 7200 rpm; the disadvantages include the running noise is a bit higher than Green HDD.

hard disk color meaning

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Black HDD: 

High performance, large cache, high-speed. Lias: Read and Right speed is very fast as compare to Blue HDD LS WD Caviar Black. Mainly suitable for enterprise applications that requiring high-end computing such as video/photo editing/rendering and high performance game console, or servers.

hard drive colors

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Red HDD: 

Specifically designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS) where people access the data to read the file in other word it can be called as network storage. Specially its read capacity is more efficient than write.

wd hard drive colors comparison

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Purple HDD: 

Bascically used for surveillance storage, specially its writing capacity is more efficient than read

wd hard disk color code

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Gold HDD: 

Specifically designed high perfomanace work. used is data center. Its Read and Write speed is faster than other HDD, can work 24×7.

wd green hdd

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Green and Blue HDDs are suitable for desktop PC, best option is Blue HDD’s which has good read/write speed than Green HDD, Black HDDs are widely used Editing/ Mixing and Gaming etc. The Red HDD is specifically designed for the NAS, Purple HDDs are suitable for video surveillance system and Gold is used for Highend performance work like data center etc.

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