Mahindra Scorpio 2022

Mahindra Scorpio 2022: New Features and Upgrades

Mahindra has finally decided to come up with the new model of the Scorpio by 2022 which will make sure that the customers do not get bored with the same old car model. The company has come up with new and exciting features which will keep the customers engaged in this segment once again. Let’s have a look at some of these features which will help you decide if this car is worth buying or not! These are as follows

Mahindra Scorpio 2022

It will have an electronic Power Steering system

The power steering system features an electric pump to make turning effortless. It also offers a choice of two speed settings so you can decide how much assistance you want when maneuvering your Mahindra Scorpio.

It will have Remote engine start

This will allow you to use a smartphone app to remotely start your engine, heat or AC system. This technology is becoming more popular in newer cars, as it lets owners start their vehicles while they’re still inside, even if they don’t have their keys in hand. Remote engine start will be a great option for Mahindra, especially because it won’t take up any additional space.

It will have a new multi-function steering wheel

The all-new steering wheel in next year’s Scorpio will offer a variety of controls to make driving simpler. The driver will be able to control multiple functions including infotainment, cruise control, forward collision alert, traction control and much more. There is also an emergency button that can be pressed if a dangerous situation arises while on-the-road. This way, your vehicle can pull over to safety automatically if needed.

Driver Display Screen with Memory Feature

The driver display screen of Mahindra Scorpio 2022 will be upgraded with a memory feature to retain all your most frequently used buttons. For instance, if you prefer changing your songs during long journeys, you can do so by pressing just one button in future. Or if you prefer adjusting your air conditioning before setting off, you can do that as well from one place rather than travelling across different modes of control.

Seat Belt Reminder System (SBR) / Load Limit Control (LLC)

According to a recent study, at least one out of five car accidents results from overloading. To avoid these injuries, Mahindra will now offer Seat Belt Reminder System (SBR) / Load Limit Control (LLC). If you are transporting cargo or passengers beyond what your vehicle’s rated capacity is, then SBR/LLC will beep to remind you to reduce weight. The system will also prevent you from changing gears until any excess weight has been removed. Safety first!

Anti Theft Alarm System (ATA) / Immobilizer anti-theft system

ATA is an Immobilizer anti-theft system. These systems work in conjunction with a vehicle’s ignition, fuel supply system and start/stop button to ensure that only authorized users can turn on a car’s engine. To protect against theft, these systems keep track of your car’s radio frequency identification (RFID) code, so only you can start your car.

Hill Descent Control

One of Mahindra’s coolest features is Hill Descent Control. If you’re about to make a daunting drive down an off-road trail, it’s usually safer to take your hands off of the wheel for a moment—and with HDC, you don’t have to!

Hill Assist Control (HAC)

Mahindra was definitely one of the early adopters of Hill Assist Control (HAC) technology. These days, it is common for cars to have systems that can keep them from rolling backwards. But HAC allows you to set your car in reverse without using your brakes, which is incredibly helpful when facing a steep hill or narrow driveway entrance.

Front & rear parking sensors for front & rear bumper. Underbody Shielding

In addition to already having a good frontal protection system in place, Mahindra has also equipped Scorpio with improved underneath shielding system. This will ensure maximum safety to all its occupants in case of any rollover. Steel Plates have been strategically placed at bumper level and will protect both engine bay & occupants from any potential injuries. Moreover, there are now steel plates attached under the doors of Mahindra scorpio which provide additional strength to both door & body panels.

Electric Folding ORVMs with auto dimming mirror and integrated turn indicators

No car has these features on ORVMs at all. The auto dimming mirror with integrated turn indicators will be beneficial for safety as well as reducing consumption of power. It will add premium look to your SUV. These kind of features are found in high end luxury cars only. This is a feature to which Mahindra can set trend. Mahindra must go with it and make all efforts to keep Scorpio up to date with latest technology.