How to remove/delete partition USB Drive?

How to Remove/Delete partition USB Drive ?

What does it mean to unpartitioned a USB?

If you find multiple partitions on a USB drive, it can cause unnecessary memory consumption. Hence you may want to delete all these partitions or merge them into one to get more space on your drive, which will gave you more space to store your data in a single volume.

How to Remove Delete partition USB Drive

Sometime due to some bug small partition will automatically created in USB drive, if you want to delete the same, follow the simple method to remove the partition.


→ Open RUN (Win+R) and type CMD

→ In command prompt type “DISKPART” hit enter

→ “LIS VOL” hit enter (figureout the volume) which you want to delete

→ “SEL VOL” (vol no)

→ “DEL VOL” hit enter


→Open Disk Management by right-clicking Start menu and choosing Disk Management or right click on My Computer/ This PC select → Manage → Disk Management

→ Locate the USB drive and the partition to be deleted. 

→ Type delete volume and press Enter. 

→ Select the partition to be deleted in the software and click the Delete button from toolbar.

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