Will Technology Ever Rule the World?

Will Technology Ever Rule the World?

Nowadays, technology is rapidly growing in this world. The way we use technology, we may find with more risk our ethics and legal issues. Although the tech is increasing along with their ethics and protocols also increases. So we have to keep it in our mind that the tech will not be able to rule over humanity completely. Because humans are the only creature who can generated technology ideas and shape them into reality.

As we know some of the technologies have already taken over human jobs like:

1- Robotic Technology in Homes

Now a days everybody is busy in their lives, most of homemakers and bachelors wants help in managing their household work and home management. This kind of technology will always helpful to them in assisting with their day to day work.

May be this technology can create unemployment in the sector of cleaning jobs and assistance jobs. But it can provide a satisfactory and safety result with 24×7 help.

Smart Gadgets like smart cleaner can sweep the flour every-time dirt by its sensing sensor. And gadgets like Google-Home, Alexa, will work efficiently nodoubt. These type of gadgets not only change the standard of living, but also give quality life and joyfullness.

Robotic Technology in Homes

2- Self-Driving Cars

As you knew the most awaiting technology is Self-driving vehicles. They are running after al lot of test when it succeed its all test after then it will available for the public. It can make the comfortable but in other hand the poor driver loss his job. In other hand it may a slightly increase in the rate of unemployment. Auto-driven cars will give a decrease in crime rate cause of its aesthetically proven as safe. Most of human beings will also get benefited with the automation of vehicles. 

And it will be best for the people like Special persons or one having the phobia of driving a car can transport easily.

Self Driving Cars

3- Automation of life

Its sad but true that we all need a life which is fully automatic and full of comfort. It can be possible by modernizing the era. 

It can be done by just adding 3-4 smart devices in our house and workplaces that can convert it to an automatic life.

In this way automatic life you fill like a boss. Unknowingly it makes you habbituated in by the using of techs and gadgets as we permitting them to rule over humanity.  

Automation of life

4- Industrial use of Robots

All we knows that companies have a large number of employees are definitely needing the robotic assistance. In large scale industries It’s more often difficult to manage a large number of staffs. 

In this way companies can make advantages of future technology.  Robots are a one-time investment with advanced AI and also need less maintenance. The production will never be hampered as no robot can take a leave.

Now industrical sectors are moving towards modernization. So, there is a risk in the huge increase of unemployment. But later it will be managed or habitual. The important thing is more we move towards the tech world, the more tech rule over us, so use technology wisely. 

Industrial use of Robots

5- Robotic Assistance in hospitals

When it comes to human beings in hospital sector those patients who are really need help. Future technology is going to help them a lot. Most of the advance roborts can do even surgery also.

Due to the advancement in AI industry we will met clone to humans in hospitals are treating patients. They can provide facilities like humans. But Again the unemployment may increases in the field of nursing and hospitality services. 

Patients will be more evenly cured in the eyes of robots with no doubt. The doctors are also get the assistance of robots in crucial surgeries and to find anti-dots of heavy viruses or bacteria’s. 

Robotic Assistance in hospitals


The most important part of technology is it made our work easier, but makes the people more lazier before, cause we got everything with a single click nowadays. It creates unemployment almost each and every field. 

We all are aware that unemployment may be created by modernization and it can be solved by taking some time. If it will failure to improve unemployed, then people have no money and without money they can’t afford to buy any tech. 

This will lead to the failure of the era of modernization. And at the end of the era its only a being who will lead the future ahead.

Summing up, that we humans if create the tech, we can destroy it too. If we are able to shape our dreams, then we have the capability of ruining them too. So let’s cheer up for humanity and just wait for the more modernized era.

So we need to use the technology wisely… and be healthy..

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