How to Delete Private Browsing History ?

How to delete private browsing history ?

Normally you delete your browsing history from your Chrome/ firefox browser by 

using the command (Ctrl+Shift+Del) it will delete normal browsing history, but it will not delete the history which you have visited in private/ incognito mode.

how to delete private browsing history in chrome

Remove Private Browsing History follow the given method below. 

Open Run (Win+R)

Type CMD and hit Enter to view private browsing history

→ ipconfig/display 

How to Show private browsing history

It will shows you all of the browsing history you have visit in private/incognito mode

To remove the private browsing history

→ ipconfig/flushdns

It will completely remove all of the browsing data from your computer

delete browsing history in google chrome

You can create a (.bat) file to show your private browsing history

→ Create a text document file

→ insert the below code 

→ Change its extension (.txt) to (.bat)

@echo off

Powershell -noexit “ipconfig /displaydns | select-string ‘Record Name’ | foreach-object { $_.ToString().Split(‘ ‘)[-1]   } | Sort | Out-Gridview”

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